Let the Light Shine In: How to Brighten Your Home

    With sunny days on the horizon and spring right around the corner, here are a few tips to get that sunshine into your home. It’s true that we feel better in natural light, so take the time to brighten your life by brightening your house. From quick and easy to home renovation projects, this list has some way for everyone to allow more natural light into their home.

    • Clean those windows. Even the smallest layer of dirt and smudges can really filter the light allowed in through the windows. Take a few minutes each week to wipe your windows clean and the difference may surprise you!
    • Hang a mirror or two. Placed in the right spots around the house, mirrors can bounce the light around. A bonus to this trick is mirrors can make rooms feel bigger, so perhaps try this out in your smallest, darkest room for the most benefit.
    • Go light and bright. Lighter colored paint and furniture will reflect that natural light better than darker colors; a good thing to keep in mind when decorating.
    • Keep your windows clear. Inside, move any furniture that may be obstructing light from coming in. Outside, trim trees and bushes that have branches or boughs that create shadows.
    • Get new curtains. Opt for retractable blinds or sheer fabric curtains to maximize the amount of light that comes in.
    • Open up your floor plan. If your time and budget allow, consider removing unnecessary doors, or non-weight bearing walls. This way, daylight will be able to reach further into your house.
    • How about a skylight? If you’re feeling brave, a skylight could really let the light in.

    More natural light in your home can have a lot of mood lifting benefits, including more energy, higher productivity and improvement to your overall health. If you’re purchasing or living in a home that lacks natural light, now you know just how easy it can be to let the light shine in.

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