Spring Cleaning Tips That May Help You Sell Your Home

    There’s something about a good spring cleaning that always makes me feel so much more at home in my own house. Clean walls and windows, dusted shelves and lampshades, decluttered closets and storage areas all allow me to breathe easier and just feel more relaxed. Could those same things influence potential buyers? Absolutely! If your home is on the market, or you’re considering selling this spring, here are some maintenance items to take care of that may help you get an offer.

    • Curb appeal matters! Take advantage of the sunnier days ahead and get out and mow your lawn, lay down some new mulch or plant some flowers, power wash your walkway, and clean out the gutters. These simple steps will give buyers a good first impression.
    • Shampoo your carpets. You’ve likely been vacuuming your carpets regularly year-round, but now is a good time to give them a good deep clean. Not only will this make them look cleaner and nicer, it will help eliminate any odor. Buyers use all five senses (okay, maybe not taste…) while shopping for a home, so it’s important your house smells nice, too.
    • Clean your windows, inside and out. Remove and wipe down screens, and while they’re off, give the windows a nice shining from the outside. Inside, wipe down the windows, as well as the blinds or curtains. This will also allow more natural light in, which will be appealing to potential buyers as well.
    • Clean light fixtures. Like washing your windows, brushing the dust off light fixtures will brighten rooms. Since we’re letting all this light into the house, buyers will be able to see more details, which leads us to our next cleaning tip.
    • Wipe down the walls and baseboards. While most dust and dirt land on floors and other surfaces, a fair amount does collect on walls. Giving your walls a thorough scrubbing will freshen the look of your interior paint.
    • De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter! Clear out closets and storage areas. Now is a great time to donate clothing you don’t wear, or items you’ve been holding onto that you really don’t need. Less clutter will not only be more appealing to buyers but lightening your load will help you prepare for your upcoming move. If you really can’t bring yourself to part with some of the things, consider renting a storage unit for the time your house is on the market.
    • How about the kitchen and bathroom? I think it’s safe to assume those rooms get pretty routine maintenance throughout the year, but now is the time to really put some elbow grease into cleaning them. Clean your appliances in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, pay attention to the details, such as grout.

    A clean, de-cluttered home will allow buyers the chance to picture themselves living in the house, which will make them more likely to write an offer. A good spring cleaning will be beneficial to you, as well. Not only will it help you feel more relaxed once you’re done, it’s a great way to kick start the moving process, and even get some packing done early!

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